ELLIOTT  has had a lifelong passion for film and a

Elliott Landy, 1998 commitment to social action. He is a well known photographer whose images of Woodstock and sixties music personalities such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Band, etc., are recognized worldwide. (He was the official photographer of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.) He has always been involved in creating artistic media which make a positive contribution to society.



Woodstock Vision, 1984, Germany, Rowohlt - 96 pages. My 60's photographs with text by Niko Hansen.

Woodstock Vision, The Spirit of A Generation, 1994, Continuum, NY. 128 pgs. Different from the German edition, it contains my photographs and writing about my life during the sixties as part of the underground counter culture. I also directed the graphic design.

Woodstock 1969, the First Festival, 1994, Squarebooks, San Francisco. 156 pgs. I produced, edited, and co-published this. It contains photographs from 11 other photographers besides myself. We created the text from interviews with audience members and organizers ofthe festival, communicating the magical nature of the event. I supervised the entire project.


The Woodstock Festival, 1994, Time Warner Interactive, Los Angeles, Co-Producer. I conceived and co-produced the disc with Time-Warner Interactive.

Elliott Landy's Woodstock Vision, The Spirit of a Generation, 1997, Panasonic Interactive, San Francisco. I produced and developed this program in its entirety, based on my Woodstock Vison book. I designed the interface, and supervised the programming, graphics, photo digitizing, audio recording, etc.


Published in magazines, books, posters, calendars, etc. worldwide since 1967.